Interview with our latest muse, Fernanda

How was life growing up in Mexico City?

I remember my childhood as a amazing time, my mother took me and my sister to so many clases, ballet, swimming, painting, growing up in Mexico City was beautiful because every Sunday I could go to coyoacan, to a museum, to el desierto de Los Leones to be with the nature, i have so many good memories.

Im so admired that you can keep your connection to nature, by your roof top graden in the big city, does this give you peace and joy?

In fact it is, now as a young adult is hard for me to stay far from the nature so my roof top garden is one of the most important and beautiful things I have.
It reminds me to be grateful, to honor and share the thing earth gives me. It reminds me to love and be loved.

You once told me that, its a nessicary to be more connected to indigenous roots of Mexico, what is some roots that your honor?

I’m not an expert but the roots I honor are the things my mother says my grandmother liked.
I honor the sun, the water, the blood.
The temazcal, the herbs, the animals, I do believe that most of the roots in the world are almost the same, different stories but the same teaching.
In my case I try to be more and more near to the teachings that born in Mexico.

What are other blessings you give this world, other then your beauty through modeling?

That is a beautiful question and at the same time really difficult, I think that just me being here it is a blessing for the world and the world being here it’s a blessing for me. But I try to be a better human, lover, friend, I try to work on my spirit and to become the best version of my self everyday with the ups and downs.
I try to be passionate on all my works, I try to put love in everything I do.

Besos ~ @fernanda.alvrez including her photos she took of the flowers in her garden 🪴