Balinese Mbok jegeg

These Balinese "Mbok jegegs" Meaning beautiful sisters, close friends of mine. Akoia crocheted 2 "kebayas" Which is the traditional top attire, to use mainly for ceremony and prayer purposes. I created these pieces not to resell, just as a project, to see how a Kebaya would look made from crochet, I wanted to share the moments of bali rituals on a closer level and to share more beauty of Balinese woman, in their true essence. 

Prada (right) bringing us to her home temple and putting a flower in Sams (left ) hair, the girls both are creating offerings for the temple and for the gods, a tradition that happens every day here in Bali, as obligation the woman are the care takers of creating all the offerings and doing the rituals of "mebanten" which is giving the offerings to the gods. Men only undertake this when the woman are bleeding.


'Mebanten" meaning the action of giving the offerings. like In images above, all offerings go alongside a incense, holy water, and mantra. This temple has been used for extended periods of time, people all over bali come to pray and heal here. 

The crochet Kebaya took 1 week to create by hand, using an original cut of a classic Kebaya pattern. Usually, the Kebaya needs to have a lot of detail motif, colors can be all sorts but white is mostly used at the temple to represent purity.

Matur Suksma X