BTS Nembrala Collection

The wholesome markets of Nembrala village, 

from people selling fresh fruit and veg to people selling gold. A market that only happens once a week, as the island is so small and secluded. The land is quite dry, so vegetables can't grow all year round. 

The traditional weaving of east Indonesia, these women are raising kids and spending longs days weaving yarn into sarongs, bedspreads and traditional clothing. Usually, 4 days to a week to create one piece. this is a traditional passed down from many generations to the women. We all had a turn trying to learn from this lady, and all bought a piece to take home.

This was Fiorenza learning from the lady in her little shop the built as a hut. 

Fio and her friend, the playful kids, 

Fiorenza and the neighbor's pet goat, named Budi. 

Long days spent solo on the beach. Kilometers stretched of white sand pristine beaches. 

Every day was the perfect sunset from the west.