As a fashion label, we strongly believe in ethical production and giving back to the community. We support home-based women artisans in Bali and empower them by working exclusively within our local villages. At Akoia, we believe in the production of slow fashion, crafting authentic limited-edition pieces that contribute to our values on our conscious journey and prioritize the quality of each piece.

Considerable effort has been dedicated to being as sustainable as possible and contributing to a zero-waste program. However, we believe it's worth the time and money to ensure we give back to the earth. Our work is not yet finished, and we're continually exploring more ways to make Akoia 100% sustainable. This has been our dream for a while, and we genuinely hope to make a difference, encouraging and supporting the movement towards conscious consumerism and sustainability.

Whenever possible we use sustainable materials in our production. Our tags are made from recycled paper and natural strings sourced from the earth. We avoid using plastic stickers. We aim to minimize waste as much as possible, even up cycling any leftover cotton.