Road Trippin Jamaica

I wanted to share my journey in Jamaica as locally as possible, to connect with people and the land as much as I could.

Going to the Caribbean with my Akoia girls, and a bunch of crochet bikinis to share was a dream of mine for so so long. 

I always knew crochet and sexy bikinis connected with the island culture of Jamaica and everyday we could express this. 

Ive added a few of my favorite moments from the west to east coast of the island, with beautiful Jamaican people and rich abundant land this place holds.

Here is our visual diary 

(left) Spending sunsets on 7 mile beach, at reggae sunset bars rolling spliffs and eating bbq fish. (right) Jade collecting our morning coco on Damani shoulders, our  back yard was filled with coco trees. 

 Dani, (@daniellehmyers) from bull bay Jamaica, we linked up after taking on instagram for ages, we got to share a spliff and photos after gifting her the Melati one piece! She is so beautiful and was so good to share experiences with a local. 

The Jamaican food was the highlight, rice and peas! (left) Rastaman selling vegan boxes packed with Acckee, Callaloo and Love! always and only supporting local food. (Right) fresh fish and fried breadfruit - Full of flavor served in a local shack on the side of the road. 

Damani and Angela picking fresh ackee from the trees.

 Mary, selling beads on the beach.


Mama and her little beach shack, selling the best bob Marley tops and rasta sarongs.

Lil boys selling chocolate bars on the beach for school money

Daily commutes to the bars

Other daily commutes for some living in the mountains, taking donkeys

Smoking endless joints


I loved his guys crochet hat.

The island of Sea Shells 

The neighbors goats.

Thank you Jamaica, for your red yellow and green heart. Full of adventure, smoke, and beautiful people.

Recommend places; Bob Marley museum -Kingston. Portland river, - Portland. 7 mile beach, Negril.