Follow us to Bambu Indah, Bali

Recently we found ourselves at Bambu Indah embarking on a beautiful, creative opportunity to collaborate, exchanging images for an experience we are excited to share with you. Having the chance to work with Bambu Indah was a dream. we all teamed up to collaborate, and had a weekend escape in the jungle heaven, sustainable resort. 

Set 2 hours inland in the heart of Bali's rainforest, is this eco-resort heaven. This place truly peels you away from the often disconnected reality we experience and places you right back into Mother Nature.

 This was shot at Bambu Indah in the forest around Ubud. one of the most beautiful places. Bambu indah was designed 5 years a ago, being one the first fully sustainable eco hotel in Bali. Bambu Indah is founded by the founder of green school. They are both completely made from bambu, are self suficent and eco friendly.  


Set in amongst paddy fields and designed in a most beautiful and serene lay out intertwined with streams, ponds and lush gardens, we also passed time jumping across rocks amidst the moving water and swinging off ropes into the fresh water ponds.  

It was simply paradise for photoshooting and with the most amazing light and hues of the forest, the earthy tones of this Akoia collection harmonised so perfectly.


Despite having lived in Bali almost all my life, I had not been to Bambu Indah. It is even owned by the same owner of my high school, Green School. Sharing all the same conscious values as Green School, Bambu Indah is self-sustained and uninhibited by walls- instead bordered only by jungle.  Rising early for yoga each morning, we spent our time here reading books in the tree house, organic farming and feeding the water buffalos. 


This is the Natrual water pools, where you can swim with fish, and pure spring water. 

Bambu Indah reminds us of just how special our relationship with nature is, and reminds me of how badly I want to have my own self-sustaining jungle house on the river, deep in the jungle of Bali. 

We are so blessed in Bali with the most amazing rainforest and tropical wildlife; it is so lush and fresh. Immersing yourself in this kind of nature is the biggest healer and this experience left us so energised and inspired.

If you have not been to Bambu Indah, it's definitely worth it. It's so beautiful you can literally fall asleep in a swinging bed from the trees to the sounds of one of Bali's most beautiful regions.


It is also such a privilege to support eco hotels. Bambu Indah is doing incredible work on this front with all the food being grown organically on the land. The electricity is self generated from hydro and solar also and it is completely plastic free. As a community Bambu Indah is carving out a new way for accommodation and they have so many programs that are giving back to the community. 

We can't express how much we love to collaborate with like minded businesses, and using this platform to share our eco-policies. 

It was such a blessing to stay at Bambu Indah and we thank you for featuring us!

 All Photos by @reopfilm