Loving your womb with AKOIASWIM

The very sacred topic of the womb itself.

Of course this will have stigma and perhaps cause controversy. but here at Akoia we want to talk about it openly and freely. We want to share our story as a team of girls all going through womb healing. 

And as a female swimwear label we realised that we have a platform to reach so many beautiful women & we want to share some light with all of you. 


I think women have forgotten just how magical our wombs are. Afterall, the womb is the storage place for all our emotions and health. The condition of women’s wombs also directly reflects the condition of women’s minds, spirits, and actions. x

In today’s age,  62 % of women are taking fake hormones to prevent pregnancy or to prevent acne. This means that a humongous 62 percent of women are not actually in touch with their own womb, living  within the constraints of the "fake" womb these hormones create. Understanding yourself means understanding your womb. How is this possible when we are not actually dealing with our real emotions? No wonder we have so many girls going through depression, and lacking self-love. 

Lets start with the most, important and sacred part of the womb. Menstruation.

I believe we have forgotten the vital purpose of why we bleed and how to be in sync with our womb and its cycle.  

As women we are very emotional beings, full of moon water that is tied to so many emotions. But how often do we allow ourselves and each other the space and time to feel into these emotions and processes? Do we have the support systems within and around us to share and let go of what we are holding onto so that we can create space for new beginnings? 

This is a big part of womb healing. Being in control of our emotions and processing how we feel to move forward. 

As women, every month, 12 times a year each year, we are given a blessing to Bleed. What does bleeding actually mean? For us it means to let go physically as our body lets go of dirty and unwanted blood. Spiritually and mentally we are also given the space to let go of dirty and unwanted thoughts, emotions or traumas. Each cycle is different and each brings me different knowledge and understanding of different aspects of myself. We are blessed with a whole new cycle at the end of each, which means for us to create our new fresh beginning, and this is something so special, as men will never get to have this experience. 

A cycle is the basic unit of life: birth, growth, transformation, decline and death, followed once again by birth. It is a circular, repeating journey. A process of expansion and contraction, which is echoed in the pulsations of the womb, the beating of our hearts, the in and out of our breath. Cycles can be observed in every life form on the planet like in the changing of seasons and the phases of the moon. Our menstrual cycles connect our female bodies directly to nature.




It is each woman’s responsibility to take the time when she is in her time of the moon to purify. It is the responsibility of the men to give the women the opportunity to do so.


Did you know in ancient time, women used to bleed into the earth and this giving of blood to the earth was a very special tradition women engaged with every month. Women that were all bleeding at the same time would gather and take the 5 days away from their partners, their work and their children. They just gathered with the other women bleeding to support each other through the pain and emotional time. Through honouring all these aspects of the womb we begin to awaken more of our creative powers, our sexual powers, our self love and understand ourselves more. 


You don’t need to be a guru, or a very spiritual person that does rituals or the time to do your own womb healing. The beautiful thing about it,  is that it works for people differently. I simply brought the healing to my womb when I stopped neglecting my period, and started to embrace it. I even started to cleanse in rivers with my blood to be able to actually connect to the sacred process. Some women even do it through changing the way they eat and eating wholefoods for the womb, but  sometimes it it can be as simple as crying to ourselves and letting out all of our emotions. 

All women of this world! Today and everyday! You have the opportunity to delve deep and embody the STRONG, DIVINE WOMAN that YOU ARE and become one of the many Women who practice self love in this way, because it is a constant and almost lifelong journey.


The womb is so valuable: far too valuable for how the majority are  treating it today. The womb does not need to be under fake hormones for "birth control”. If we are in touch enough, we can be in control of birth control by understanding our cycles and knowing when we are most fertile and engaging in sexual practices when we are least. 


Lastly, I want to share with you some of our favourite podcasts that are so easily accessible for free on Apple Podcasts, as well as some of our most beloved and transitional books. 



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By Reo