The Sustainable fashion movement.

What do we mean by Sustainability? We prioritize materials, sourcing, packaging, and production practices that do not harm the ecosystem and maintain ethical standards.
Our focus this year is to transition Akoia into a fully sustainable brand. We aim to eliminate all chemical dyes and are committed to discovering the most sustainable sources of organic cotton. Our new concept revolves around minimizing waste and embracing a more minimalist approach to fashion and consumerism. Rejecting fast fashion and mass production, we've ensured that Akoia offers top-quality pieces, intended to be essential wardrobe items for our customers, designed to last for many years.
From production to shipping, every piece is 100% free of plastic. We're actively exploring ways to upcycle our excess materials to create byproducts.
Why natural dyes? Utilizing natural dyes is a pivotal step in our production process due to their minimal environmental impact. Derived from nature, these dyes are biodegradable and their disposal causes no pollution.
In contrast, conventional dyes contain harmful chemicals that not only endanger the health of those working with them but also result in the contamination of freshwater systems.
We are currently in the process of conducting numerous samples to finalize our natural dye products. Our aim is to introduce these natural dye products in the upcoming collection.

Why opt for organically sourced materials? Organic materials offer a natural, renewable, biodegradable, and durable fiber. In their cultivation, no pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers are used, promoting healthier growth. Organic farming contributes to building soil fertility, aiding in the absorption of CO2 into the soil and thereby mitigating climate change. Additionally, choosing organic materials safeguards farmers from exposure to harsh pesticides. 

How plastic free? We have been conditioned to believe that plastic is an essential part of life, but we're proud to say that it's not true. Transitioning to a plastic-free approach has been surprisingly easy for us, and the rewards have been significant, despite the small efforts involved.

Still working towards...As we continue our journey towards sustainability, we would appreciate any tips or information on resources that could help us become more eco-friendly. Please send them to 

Here is our Mission: While the sustainable journey can present challenges and be costly, we haven't given up. We acknowledge this path as an ongoing journey. Continuously striving to improve for the well-being of our people and planet remains our commitment. Transitioning into conscious fashion has opened doors to new connections and heightened our awareness. We encourage other brands and labels to push themselves toward sustainability, as even as a small brand, we've managed to make significant strides and do our best. At Akoiaswim, our mission is to utilize our platform to drive change, raise awareness, and educate on the fashion industry's issues. We aspire to share the knowledge and experiences we've gathered. For those interested in transitioning to conscious fashion, please contact us at, and we'd gladly provide guidance. Similarly, for any information or feedback, we're open to communication and welcome you to reach out