Our Label

Our label is designed for effortless fashion, for the beach lover, for a travel gypsy. A summer essential to bring on all your travels. Designed for the colours of the ocean and love for sustainable fashion. Akoia is now emphasising the importance of ethical clothing and long lasting designs. Turning Akoia as sustainable as possible and putting all the focus into new eco ideas.

After watching the movie, the true cost on netflix, i thought as a fashion label there is no more excuses anymore. the hope in saving our planet is real. We wanted to set an example, and align with our values. it is our top importance for Akoia to have high ethical standards and be a leader in the fashion industry.we proved ourselves correct, we can provide best quality working in align with a eco-frienly movement supporting ethical rights, working with home-based tailors in Bali, Indonesia, the tailors are able to work in the environment they feel most comfortable in and at the pace that works for them.From years of forming deep relationships, they have become a part of the Akoia family.

Our pieces are all limited quantities as we support low production runs and quality pieces.Our story doesent end here, we are still traveling the world, getting inspired by designs and ways which we can help more in the world. 

Our story

Akoia Swim started in 2014, by 3 teenage girls, Reo Palmer, Inka williams, and Frances Elliott. 3 girl raised on the island of Bali. The brand started from a love of the beach and having limited bikini choices on the island of bali that was designed integrated local talent of crochet.

The girls were all 14 years old when we started the brand and would save all there lunch money and put it towards getting samples. Reo was a passionate photographer who did the creative side of the brand, Inka was a upcoming model that would model and promote the brand, and Frances was a creative designer and model too! So we had the perfect team.We all were so passionate about the brand and it grew fast. We eventually we had to carry on with high school and could not maintain the business. and we all fell into different directions.3 years later, Inka became a top model and was working with big labels, living her life in Europe. Frances, was dedicating her time into her high school exams to go to University. 

Reo was busy being a green activist and working with project on forest protection. Inka had dropped out of school to pursue her modelling carer.So the business was then asleep for a while. 3 year Later, Reo and her mum brought it back to life. With the help of all the girls, as Akoia will always still be in our hearts. Currently the swim wear is designed by Reo and Inka.