The team of women, Akoias foundations.

My team, my everything. A tight group of skilled women including my mother  + father as a family run the Akoia brand. These woman, are the foundations of Akoia and the core creators of every piece we have ever made. 
From left to right, Mama, Ibu Wayan, ME, Lois, Sukma, Mbak Enda, Mbok wayan, Mbok Eka, Mbok ketut. + ketut and Ibu Kadek that are not in the photo. 
Everyday its a team of us, creating, laughing, eating. 
Besides these group of woman here, A big part of the creative side to Akoia, is thanks to Including all my best friends who been there from the start. hat’s the beauty of Akoia, it’s endless amount of help from my community.

This is ibu Wayan, A 55 your old women who has been crocheting her whole life and been with us from the start. Everyday me and Ibu Wayan are working on something together.  Crochet comes so naturally as a skill to balinese woman, and everyday I feel so honored to learn the crafts of there culture.

Designing is done by me, and I put all my effort everyday coming into our space and co working one one with the crochet magical hands of Ibu Wayan + Ibu Kadek to make intentional bikinis, put together colors, learning to crochet and adjusting all the samples.

MY team, my everything! 

Thank you