DR mami , the island of full flavor, moments of heat between couples dancing bachata to traditional music, rice and beans made with love, long coastlines of Caribbean blue water, fruit in abundance. But the Domincan women, i mean wow.

I had a few moments shooting the women in tiny crochet beikinis in between traveling the coasts of DR with my girl Kaila who moved back to dr which is her fatherland, I met a vanezuala women who is being in DR for five years, and was a model 15 years ago, i got her back behind the camera shooting all her latina essence.

Ofcourse i was with my angela along the whole way, shooting her secretly as she lived in her akoia our whole island trip.

Kaila, cabarete fruit market

Angela & Mia out the front of her house

Kaila in the fruit store

Samana East coast

Arroaz con habichuelas

My Akoia girls, leaving me with a postcard. 

Bachata Mamis



Motor Mami

Salon Gina E angela

La Familia

Maria From Venzuela

With love, 

AkoÏa , Jess, Kaila, Angela, Nia, Maria. +++