Our trip down the Spanish coast with Olivia.

I met Olivia 1 year ago in London, and i knew from the start we should plan a shoot together, and make it so dreamy! She has such a vibe and so much natural beauty, i was so excited to see what we could create!

So the start of this year, i planned to shoot Olivia in Spain for the launch of the next collection, to create a story of our experience, to capture the swimwear so beautiful on her.

As soon as we saw each other, we had set our intentions for this trip. We both were going through a heart break and both just had to surrender to trusting the universe. We chatted and filled each other in about life, and embraced we where both going through a heart break! and wanted to use this trip as a very healing time as well. 


We had so much time to read and write, which made the trip so special, we were so sync with our emotions. Each day we had so much to write about and emotionally purge. 

I think Olivia is such a strong women, and she i beautiful inside out. She had not been to the ocean a whole year, straight away she felt at home and one with the earth. 

She taught me about sangria (spanish fruity mulled wine) , which i had no idea about! We had drinks by the sea, and we were probably a little tipsy in a few of these images. 

It was such a pleasure to shoot Olivia, she opened up to me, and it made it so easy for us to be comfortable to shoot, we embraced her beauty and each Akoia pieces suited her so much. Everything. She also embraced the pieces, it made her feel so confident she was not use to wearing such small bikinis.  

Here are a few of my most loved images from the shoot. She is a mix of Australia and Nigeria, how beautiful?

We spoilt ourselves on the 2nd day, and went to the most beautiful restaurant looking over the ocean. and shared a fresh caught squid. 

It was the most beautiful restaurant looking over the bay. At Cala Deia beach. 

Spain, we enjoyed your endless delicious paella, raw beaches, and incredible sunset light and Sangria! Thank you for having us. 

I had a beautiful experience in Olivia and Emz energy. I learnt alot from much older girls, like they were my sisters. 

I am so grateful for girl time, and for your each others support. 

Love, Reo

All images by www.reopfilm.com