Meet Marija, Shot in London.


Our London Muse ~ Shot in her home in East London. Featuring the Hydra collection. 


"The Arete one piece is perfect for me, i can wear it in London with my baby blu jeans. The fit complements my body and i love low back cut."

"The Clio bikini, is just to cute, the tie on the sides with the very small Brazilian cut is my dream bikini. And this colour way compliments my skin so nicely." 

Marija has been in fashion for 4 years, she loves street fashion and 90's style vintage. She always supports only independent designers, small labels and vintage. She had been following Akoia for a while and loved us for our 90's style bikinis and our fashion ethos. She says "Its so lovely to have a connection to the source of what you are buying, now i have met the Akoia team, i will always support them" 

Marija's art inspiration is from her studies of so many books, you can only see a few of her collection in these images. They are big coffee table books from all over the world, all random bits of global art. Her fascination for world classical art is so inspiring, she studies so much important information and art with history and therefor has so much knowledge to share. 

She has such a cozy, style and she doesn't have to take it to seriously, her grunge look and her hair gives her such a style.  She is a tall beautiful model from Lithuania, with so much sass. 

She is currently freelancing her graphic design work which is so cool! she is to talented ~ You can preview her work here!

It was such a pleasure to shoot Marija, Hear her stories and chat about fashion, style and creativity.

Here, In a few of these images i am using my friend Sarah Ellens Polaroid camera which was cool to try out and produce some different content. All images by