New to the crochet TEAM


Welcome to the team Ibu kadek, Ibu Made And Ibu Wayan. 🐚 These lovely mamas rely fully on selling small crafts to tourist. Since bali been out of tourism for over a year, it’s been My mission to find these mamas work again. Slowly as Akoïa has been growing I have finally been in the position to have more women working with us. These woman, know how to crochet and some will have some more training. But most importantly these mamas will be able to work again after being stuck since start of 2020. Luckily these ladies are from abundant villages where they have been safe with there families eating from the land at the bare minimum. I’m sooooo Happy to be growing this buisness with these women and helping the community along the way. 🐚💙 & Thank you for your Support, more bikinis coming soon :)