Akoïa Women all over the world

Meeting with beautiful women across the world, connected by our bikinis. Sharing my pieces to women to bring on there summer travels, or to wear at there local pool, either way I'm glad to spread the bikinis and mission across the globe, 

big shout to these women, capturing there beauty on there travels! 

@mariannegarces in the Jailur bikini taking us to CostaRica 

@Melaniepsmith in her pool with the iris bikini 

@costanzaanisi taking us to Ibiza, Spain in the Bambu Dress

@chisten.rhule by the lake, in the Mani Bikini 

@cheniyamonae in the waikuri bikini, Jamaica 

@Juliananalu in the Baia bikini, taking us to sea side Tulum, Mexico 

@faithjaggernauth poolside in the Humba bikini, Los Angles California