Our contribution to the Sumba Foundation.

After spending our time in the rural areas of Sumba, connecting with the people and the land. We knew we had a responsibility to do something here, we felt our week enjoying the life of Sumba was worth so much in our hearts that we had to continue our relationship to the people and the land. 

We were introduced to The Sumba foundation, who has been doing amazing work for the communities of Sumba. By empowering the people of Sumba while preserving and respecting their cultural traditions.  

Through The Sumba Foundation we are able to support and give back to the people there. As we cant be there physically enough. 

With our donation, we managed to provide education to children, implement a water systems for a large families and help with basic medical needs. 

Thank you to all of you! We are honoured by all of your endless support. On behalf of you, we are able to regularly donate and provide help for these wonderful people. 

Lets make this a year to slow down on our consumption and give back.

Read more information and follow their amazing work via @Sumbafoundation - You can also make direct donations through their website link. All help is very appreciated. 

Here are some of our most joyful moments, connecting with the Sumba Villages.