NYC lovelies shot by Natalie Lin

Hydra collection shot at Rockaway Beach NYC

A getaway from NYC chaos, to Rockaway beach featuring the Hydra Collection and my 3 beautiful girl friends from NY. They embrace they're beauty so much; their hairs, they'e raw natural self. Make up free, individual styles and all hands on creatives!
I feel that living in NYC with such a wide range of individuals, the best way to strive is to be YOURSELF. and staying true to you! meaning expressing the real you, the hairy you, the beautiful tattoos, the free spirit.
There have no time to get caught up in trying to be other people in this big city. so embrace what you have, and make it individual. 

So happy i got to share my Akoia pieces with these girls, and they get to spread the hydra collection to the streets of New York, Which has been a dream of mine, to get this small little label to a magical big city.



Also a special thank you too Natalie, for including her Honeymoon Beads, she is crafting her self from home. ~ ~ 

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