Follow us to Komodo Islands

Snorkeling pristine conserved oceans, the island of Komodo are 100% national park, no harm has been done too reef, there for the sea life is flourishing. 

From families of angel fish, to baby sharks, Nemos and manta rays. Abundance of sea life, and colourful corals. all untouched by man, and live in harmony. 


@maya.yuii in the Cerah Bikini Blu, taking a deep in-between hours of tanning and reading books. 

@frannyelliott soaking up that sun in crystal waters. wearing the Jasri Algarve Bikini.

@inkawilliams on the way for her morning deep in the cerah bikini rust, rolling out of bed to this. 

maya shooting @sintasanaya at dusk light on the tip of the island. 

The Candy sky sunsets, visits every evening. Maya in the Alang bikini 

The first shot on the roll, frame of the cerah bikini sea 

sunset light with @inkawilliams, Living in the Jasri Dress. 

Living life on the boat. 

our island home, thank you for the time,