Exploring the root of Akoia in India

Leaving with my heart full of so much gratitude for being able to embark on this journey to mother India. A place of deep spirituality to open my heart more and be inspired by the amazing women that work day by day with their hands to create art and connect with there land.

We came to India, to find the source of organic Cotton, which is the root of all of our creations here at Akoia. We wanted to build that connection with it. To understand the growth process, the harvest process and how it is transformed into yarn. Cotton is an amazing plant that is native to India, it has culturally very appreciated, and holds a special tradition in the communities of South India. We wanted to see for our selves, how the cotton is grown, how many women that takes, how much land space, how much water space, what kind of connection Indian locals have with there cotton, how does cotton have a role in there culture and how does organic cotton work in India. 

This Exploration deepened my connection with the Akoia, and my appreciation for the hand work of growing cotton that goes into each Akoia piece it really is a special journey from how it gets from the farm as a baby crop then spinning into cotton yarn, to then our hand made crochet clothing. 

This is such a distinctive opportunity for people who work with cotton ( 80% of the fashion world)  to make that connection with the source of there clothing, to really understand what you are working with on every aspect, and to see, and feel every transparent process. from Seedling to garment. This is what the Akoia journey is about, going back to the roots and displaying that journey for every one to understand. 

 Much Love,