BTS pecatu collection

On the Full moon of April 23rd, Maikhan stylst, Chantal the beautiful Muse, and I met at Bingin beach to capture the last bit of sunset light, as Chantal did her thing in our new bikinis. 

Chantal, was so open about shooting in her natural way. Her beautiful long legs and chocolate skin made the bikinis so beautiful, after seeing chantal in all of these peices made me certain that this collection was ready. 



Shot at sunset, and a few shots where shot at MU bungalows 

Location.. to Location.. 

Our seafood dinner after we wrapped up!  

Everything was styled by my Mama & Papa wardrobe. 

Chantal Styled with Our Bambu Earnings, hand created by me.

we watched the waves roll through... between shooting styles. 

So Thankful for this beautiful team!! 

@chantal.ka @maikhan.stylst @castawaymodelagency