Meet Frances Elliot, a Bali Princess.

I really want all of you to meet my best friend, Frances. 

Frances, Inka and I started akoia all together actually. Franny was their to design the first ever collection of Akoia. She loved being the designer while me and Inka mostly took care of photo stuff. Fran was working so hard for Akoia and had many big visions for us. She is a beach girl at heart, a wild surfer, and part time model, and was the perfect designer. 

Because we were all so young, trying to manage high school and Akoia. She eventually wanted to go her separate ways after to focus on high school and her own studies. She will still always be apart of Akoia to me, we all birthed it together, but i am happy to see her growing in her ways and finding her own path following her dreams. 

These photos were taken on a day out in Bali, buying fruits, swimming in my pool and posing at the front of my house. I admire her beauty, A mix of Indonesian and Canadian. 21 years of age and glowing! She has been my best friend since we were 8. 

Enjoy these photos i took of her recently in the Hydra collection. 



Wearing the Esme Dress in Coconut matched with the Delphine bag.

The Lilou pants and Monte bikini in Wild Rose 

 & The Arete Onepiece in Coconut.


Alll photos by 

Shot on portra 160