Meet Fabe to the left, rocking the best Brazilian flag speedos, representing!

The sweetest coconuts, all day & Havaiana sandals, all day.

Lorena and bruna showing us how the beach life is at RASTA beach.

Barraca Do Marcao ~ 'Marcoa's bar' The best memories sipping caipirinha and meeting beach romances.

Other then my own Akoia bikinis, the Brasil flag rio beach bikinis are the second best pair I own. this man Joao, hustles all day at the beach selling his collection. 

Meet Camila and Raihna, Rio beach babys representing Brasil and Akoia forever.

Lorena a true 'Carioca' meaning a girl from Rio. Getting WET washing of the sand and salt water in the notorious Rio beach showers. Ft the Lorena Bikini I named after her. 

The game Altinho played amongst the whole coast of the beach, at sunset, Ipanema, Copacabana, Leme, and Arpoador is full of Althino, women, men kids all sharing there for this game. keeping them healthy and enjoying life. 

Beach Caiprinha, from morning till mid night these guys be selling caiphirina cocktails on the beach, whatever fruit flavor you want. The traditional cocktail of Brasil.

Bicycle bars along the beach all day, these men giving ladies compliments all day with there big smiles. 

Rio Beach boys, on their way to the beach.  

 And latently my favorite photo and memories every morning getting Agua de Coco from this old man sharing his stories and love for his job and city with us.