This is how we traveled around, on this motor bike we named "Phill", that cost 8 euros a day. It reminded me of home jumping on the bike, driving around so freely. on the broken roads of the island. I had my shoes tied to the back and my camera bag tied to the front, and off we went hunting locations and shooting.

This was the secret beach, that i cant say because i promised to keep it to the locals. It was the most bluest water i have ever seen. It was big colour pebble flooring and endless fishes. We spent all day here, swimming, lying in the sun, smoking some weed and shooting. 

The local people of Greece are so sweet, they are very protective over the oceans and marine life. They are all still very traditional people, and reserve there culture. obviously the more tourist islands people pick up the tourist mannerism, but the quite islands the locals are just fishing, ridding there donkeys in there gardens. This guy gave us a free donut! 

One of my most loved part, was the big hills with traditional greek churches spread out among the hills, all made in only dark blu and white colouring. The greek belief this was to keep them cool during the summer months. These churches made the hills so surreal. 

Travel tips for Greece, 

- I would recommend to fly into Athens and take the ferry to Hydra, then to Ios, and then defiantly check out Mykonos ( though stay away from the party side)  and try get your motorbike license prior to going, to rent a motor bike and properly explore. 

- Make sure you try the Squid salads, from a local Resto, Though make sure you know it was fresh, and the locals caught it themselves.

- Try do it as Eco as possible, try not to buy big plastic water bottles, be conscious with your plastic bag consumption too! Greece is not that advanced in that sense and doesn't offer much alternatives. 

-Remember to pack your Akoiaswim!

-Try and see at least 1 historic sight, either in Athens you can see a few, or Mykonos! They are so beautiful and you can feel the ancient energy.

Working with Bella was a dream, 3 days of pure enjoyment. 

she was everything i hoped, and better. It did not even feel like we where on a photoshoot job! We were just in the moment getting amazing content.

She was a beach girl at heart. She observed the beauty around here, and it showed through in the photograph. Modeling comes so easy to her, but that is usually the case when you are full of natural beauty! She loves the ocean, and traveling so she was always in her element and thats how its easy to photograph. 

Thank you Bella, Thank you Greece and thanks to the whole Akoia team for putting this together. 

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