Adventures in Northern Africa

October 12th 2018. 

We set out to Marrakech as the first stop. We stayed in a Beautiful Traditional Riad in the centre of Marrakech.There was a lot of Chaos, so much smell and noise. But the streets are filled with so much beauty. There was many market stalls of fruits, Traditional food, vintage jewellery, herbs and crystals and other traditional Treasures, from Morocco. 


We didn't have much of an idea for a plan, we knew we had to make it to the middle of the desert by the evening to make it in time to go camping in the Desert. We decided to rent car and drive for 9hrs through Morocco - literally 9hrs across pretty much nothing. We seemed to have crossed a few, perhaps five, villages and the rest was just nothing for as much as the eye could see. But we stumbled across some beautiful Oasis's and traditional berber villages.

We went through the desert, mountains, sand and many curvy turns. Yet to just end up here, 



One of the most realist moments of my life. A nine hour drive away from any sort of "civilisation" just so that I could breath the purest, cleanest air, and observe the stars and a gaze at the desert fire. 

We had the pleasure to meet and stay with some Berber People, who are Gypsies of the desert. they live in no present spot, they travel the desert all year long, with just the camels and a back pack. The most simplest living. They navigate there way through the stars, and know how to survive with nothing. They took us for a ride into the desert on the camels and showed us bond between human and animal relationship when it comes to survival. These ways of life really give you a perspective to life. and learning from these people was something we all honoured and there ways of life we really took in. 




We left the desert so liberate, in peace. in awe of the beauty and life of the desert. 

At this point we really didn't have a plan after the desert, so off we went, another 9hrs North, to the mountains into Chefchaouen the "Blue city of dreams". A tiny village tucked in the middle of the mountains surrounded by Marijuana fields. We were in heaven. The village was the most beautiful village i've ever soon, everything was blue,  it was said to be the Jews introduced the blue when they took refuge from Hitler in the 1930s. We found so many beautiful locations in the blue city, we also got amazing food. Or maybe it was just really good because we where high the whole time. 




We spent a little to much time in the blue city, and had 1 day to get back to Marrakech for our flight. The drive from the Blue city to Marrakech is another 10hr drive. We spent the whole day in the car, but this is where we found the most beautiful locations. And were A lot of these images were taken, where desert meets mountains. 








Thank you for a beautiful experience Morocco, we learnt so much from you. we took in a lot of your beauty and Culture awareness. You have a place in our hearts. 



All Photos Taken by @reopfilm 














We left the desert,