Beautiful Island Women of NYC

Beautiful island women of NYC, 

I knew that NYC was super multicultural and full of so many different beautiful women. I went on a mission to find different beautiful island women that have been raised in the city. 

I was blessed to meet a group of women from all different areas of the city, from all different island backgrounds. Was inspiring to see these women still hold there island hearts through the big city, and shine in their strong melanin sunshine, and that can express themselves, through Akoia.

Let me introduce you the women that now have all become a apart of our journey, 

Meet Ashby from the islands of Bahamas. I was lucky to shoot her around her neighbourhood in Brooklyn. Wearing the Rinca Dress.


Destiny, From Cuba, we shot as we walked around the neighbourhood she grew up in , Harlem Nyc. So much soul and love for this girl. Thank you for being a part of this journey. Wearing the Rinca Dress & Bunga Bikini 

Mimi, from Guadeloupe shot on her rooftop at her home in Brooklyn. Wearing the Tea Tree bikini & Rinca Dress.

Kaila, from Dominican Republic in front of her home in the Lower East Side. Wearing the Flamenca Skirt and Osa Set.

Marriane, From Dominican Republic, such an angel, and only so knew to the big city!

Wearing the Pandanas One piece  & Bunga Bikini. 


Featuring the Annica Collection in New York City.