Follow us to the Greek island

 5 girls from all over the world meeting in Athens. starting our trip exploring the old city of Athens. 

Making our way to the island of Naxos, the island is famous for its portal gate (photo above) that is a ancient ruin , known as the temple of Apollo. the Greek god of light who protected music and poetry.

We felt drawn and connected to explore this island, as its one of the more calm and less of a party island. Its knows as more mysterious and mythological. It has a lot of ruins, portals and towers from history. & we wanted the crystal blue coast, and private beaches that stretch along 20km. 

Tower of Ayia

Walking down tiny beaten paths to explore secret beaches. Nothing from google maps. 

Quality girl time, spending all day on the beach, reading pages of each other books, talking about our feelings and navigating them together.  Listening to Alici sing. Meeting a random local woman that spent hours talking to us about the mythology behind the island of Naxos and informing us about greek mythology.

This was Vera, a local lady we met randomly on a secret beach, who opened her world up to us through greek mythology and her elders wisdom. She brought us to secret beaches, and i was able to take some photographs of her in the Nefali dress.

Enjoying the freedom of being able to tan topless at secret beaches, as it was just us girls. 

 Making cat friends with Meu meu.

Sitting out the back of the car to get the full view. 

Eating the yummiest of fresh Tomatos, olives, and feta cheese. Drinking wine and dancing all night.

The north west coast of the island the prettiest sunsets. 

The last night dresses up in akoia to hit the town, 

these girls bring this whole collection to life, through their confidence, beauty and grace. Each pieces represented apart of them and the memories we shared. 

from left to right, Alici, Julia, Bella, Angela, and me Reo taking all the photographs. 

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